Dog Days Of Winter

We are all familiar with the dog days of summer, but what about the dog days of winter? That time when you go to work and its dark, you come home and its dark. The time when the world wants you to hibernate and not go outside. That 100 days of super cold super depressing weather.

Fear not- Spring is around the corner. 35 days to be exact. Having the ability to break up the crushing effect of New England winters into achievable positive events keeps all New Englanders sain.

Like in the dog days of winter, or summer, if you have a task that is dull, boring, or just plain not your thing, break it into tiny wins.

I take winter and break it into small events. The obvious- Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day… I also chose the super bowl, pitcher and catcher report day and vacation as days to look forward to. Rather than face the 100 days of frigid depression, I have six or seven small events spaced out overĀ  the time. Much more manageable and mush more enjoyable.

Never just get through something. Find the wins, the victories and benchmarks to make it exciting.





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