We all need a special person in our lives that give us support on our journey to personal greatness. I have been blessed all my life to have that support from some amazing women.

First- My mother. As a single mother she never let me feel as if we were poor or disadvantaged even though our bank accounts said something much different. Her get it done attitude instilled an anti-procrastination mind set at an early age in me.

Next- My Grandmothers- Both much different women, both singularly focused on the success of their Tribes… their families. I have never met stronger people in my life than these two women. The power of positivism and togetherness proves you build a strong tribe from love and support.

My two daughters- One a nursing student, One a high school student. Both of them on their pursuit of knowledge and purpose. Both of them amazing young women.

Lastly- My Wife Stacy. Her unconditional support of my personal path to greatness is the push I need to go from ” I want to” to ” I am “. We all need that person in our lives. The one that pushes us wen we can’t push ourselves.

Beyond the push and support she is genuinely a good person.  Her random waiving and smiling to strangers as she drives in traffic. The pay it forward attitude she has at the Dunkin Doughnuts drive through or her obsessive  thanking of everyone in her life.

You know the person who says thank you and you do not believe them…Well that is not her. She must thank 100 people a day with a smile and genuine sincerity. You can not help but be motivated to do better if you know her.

So on this very special day. Happy Valentines Day to my Wife, my supporter, my inspiration to do better.

Thank you to all the inspiring people in my life.  Without you my personal path to greatness would be a much rockier path.

It is my hope that you find that person who will support you unconditionally.  Thank one person who, despite the odds, makes you feel as if you can concur the world. It is also my hope that you do the same for another, as I hope I inspire my wife on her path.


Happy Valentines Day

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Unconditional Support

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